My Philosophy

A great day usually takes just a little bit of effort but shouldn’t feel like it.  It should include family, friends, fun and a lot of laughter.  Why not look amazing through it all?  Your makeup should be like that - a little bit of effort, but mostly fun!  Sheer layers of color, great glowing skin, or maybe sometimes just a kick ass red  lipstick!   Looking beautiful helps you feel your best.   My goal is to help you look as beautiful  and effortless as that great day. 


By the time I was 26, I had had 26 different jobs.  I know this because my father sat me down and helped me make out the list.  I’m sure it’s where I get my geek gene from!  I had been a janitor, a cashier, and a dancer (not the exotic kind).  I also worked in a research and development lab of a cosmetic chemical company.  Quite a mouthful to say, but, a very cool job.  I got to make lipstick and hair gel from scratch.  I’ve been a circus performer, a lifeguard, cheerleading coach - the list goes on.

Through it all I have always been the one who my friends have come to to help them with their makeup.  I have been obsessed since I was a kid.  I even mentally cataloged four years of Seventeen Magazine as reference material.  I was infected with an enthusiasm for all things cosmetic!

Since then I have honed my skills working with countless people in film, television, and editorial jobs.  I also truly enjoy working with my private clients for their special events.  I feel very fortunate to not only love my job, but, look forward to it each day.